Dale for young people

Generation Next

There is power in young people. Energy that needs to be harnessed and directed in the right direction. In the courses, we lay the foundation for our own strategy for the future. We train ourselves to see challenges as opportunities and improve our skills and attitudes. We go outside our comfort zone. Let's try and strengthen our self-image. We experience positive emotions. Experience victories and thus increase self-confidence. We become more powerful leaders in our environment and life.

The courses

For children and teenagers, we offer courses for four different age groups. Kids aged 10 to 12. Upper grades of elementary school or from 13 to 15 years old. For high school age 16 to 19 years and then for 20 to 25 who are university students or on the labor market.

The welfare of young people always comes first

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The welfare of our participants always comes first. Working with children requires discretion, which is why we have a clear code of conduct that coaches and assistants follow along with submitting a criminal record.

  1. We treat all participants on an individual basis and on their own terms. We keep proximity in mind and provide contactless support.
  2. We encourage the cooperation of the participants and teach them to take responsibility for their own behavior and progress.
  3. Be fair, caring and honest towards participants and show respect to all participants.
  4. Let's keep in mind to be a good role model and form a professional relationship only.
  5. Comment on threatening or violent behavior.
  6. Do not suffer mental or physical abuse.
  7. We never take on the driving of practitioners, either to an intermediate meeting or a course, without the permission of the parents, either written permission or talking to the parents themselves. The trainer or assistant must not be alone in a closed space with the participants.
  8. Take care of the participants during the course and during the intermediate meetings. Draw a clear line between supporting participants and our private life and time.
  9. We respect age restrictions regarding participants' use of alcohol, tobacco and unsupervised gatherings. We do not hold breakout sessions in restaurants that sell alcohol.
  10. We maintain the utmost confidentiality with participants and assistants and take care of data related to the course. Delete data at the end of the course according to our GDPR standards.
  11. Let's be aware of our position of power to the participants and respect it.
  12. If a person under the age of 18 reports a violation, we must report it to the child welfare authorities.
"I am so happy that I am going back. I gained a lot of confidence and had a lot of fun. Encourage EVERYONE to try this kind of course! Found courage and strength. This is good for EVERYONE whether they can stand up and speak in front of others or not. Made good friends and thought the trainers were great :D"