Leadership camp for 10-12 year olds

For kids aged 10 – 12 years

The aim of the leadership camp is to strengthen the leadership skills of children between the ages of 10 and 12 and strengthen their identity. The training is based on approved methods and material that have proven their worth around the world for decades. Dale Carnegie’s philosophy and values ​​are mixed with constructive games that help the child understand the context even better. View dates and locations

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What You’ll Learn

This is for kids in 5th to 7th grade who want to be leaders in their own lives, show what's in them, increase their courage and generally feel better in their own skin.

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What we go over

Increase self-confidence, get a stronger self-image and faith in your own abilities Courage to speak your mind and stand up for yourself Ways to meet new kids and cultivate friendships Work on ways to reduce anxiety and worry The importance of tolerance and humility Set goals and dream big Adopt a positive attitude

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The leadership camp is 4 full days. Arrived in the morning at Dale Carnegie Ármúl 11, 3. height at 9 and the course lasts until 16.30. The first 3 days are taken by bus. We go to the beach and to a playground in the vicinity of Reykjavík, where we set up games in an adventurous forest by Hvaleyrarvatn and use the local mountain hut. On the last day we hold a graduation in Ármúla where parents are welcome.

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What's included

Workbook and stationery, Golden rule book, Dale Carnegie & Associates graduation certificate. Personal access to coaches, bus rides and play facilities. Note The children bring their own lunch.

Practical information

Note that in most cases it is possible to use a free time grant.


99,000 ISK

“WOW what a fun course this was! Totally different than I thought. I made good friends and now it’s much easier to talk to all kinds of people and say what I think. Suddenly the anxiety is also much less because I know I can make mistakes.”

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