Dale Carnegie Course

Skills for success

This world-famous course will give you confidence and competence to gain the command you need in your career and personal life.

By increasing your confidence and interpersonal skills, you’ll have the influence you need to reach new heights in play and work. You become more persuasive in communication and have an easier time dealing with change, managing stress and influencing others. The Dale Carnegie course helps you become a master of interpersonal communication. It will allow you to thrive in any environment and you will discover how to form closer and more rewarding relationships.

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What You’ll Learn

The course is for everyone who wants to show what's in them, increase their courage, take bigger steps, become a stronger leader and have a good influence on others.

Study units

The program provides 2.8 international continuing education credits (Continuing Education Unit – CEU)

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What we go over

Expand your comfort zone and increase your confidence Cultivate lasting relationships Remember names and use them Inspire others Present ideas in a clear and concise manner Handle conflicts tactfully Use persuasion Manage stress and attitude Adapting to different communication styles Demonstrate leadership skills

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Local training: The course is held with the participants in a meeting room for 8 sessions, four hours at a time. You can choose to come once a week for 8 weeks or twice a week for four weeks. You can also choose evening or morning courses.

Live Online training: The course is held Live Online online, 8 times, for three hours at a time. You choose a date that suits you and register. Before the course starts, we send you a link that you click on and the training environment opens. In our courses, there are always two trainers and one of them is a technician, to help you at all times. In a few minutes we will teach you the system and after that you will be actively involved. Simple, fun and effective.

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What's included

Handbook, breakout sessions, the Golden Rulebook, a 30-day subscription to Storytel where you can listen to the books Popularity and Influence and Enjoy Life by Dale Carnegie. Graduation certificate from Dale Carnegie & Associates. Personal access to a trainer during the course.

Practical information

Please note that this is the total price of courses, before union subsidies and employer contributions. Check the situation with your union.


Locally: 235.000 kr.
Live Online: 210.000 kr.

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Kolbrún Dröfn Ragnarsdóttir

Kolbrún Dröfn Ragnarsdóttir

It boosted my confidence to deal with situations that tend to cause anxiety and fear. I was trained to use the talents within me. By solving challenging tasks, I learned more positive ways of communicating with others. The course gave me the courage to stand up for my own opinions and I gained a new perspective on myself. Instead of obstacles, I now see more opportunities in life.

“Dale Carnegie helped me gain confidence and to feel secure in situations that made me uncomfortable, especially before presenting to an audience. The course is made up of active exercises that are led by skilled trainers who encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. The result is more empathy and sincerity that helps you build trust. Dale has helped me recognize my strengths and apply them. As an author of the books Útkall I will communicate real human stories to my audience in a more effective way.”

Óttar Sveinsson