Dale for 13-15 year olds

Generation Next

Be a champion of standing up and speaking your mind! Remember that fear exists nowhere but in the mind.

This is a challenging and fun course that encourages initiative and boosts the self-confidence of the participants. Having a positive self-image and self-belief has never been as important as it is today with ever-increasing comparisons to peers. In this course we learn to know ourselves better, set goals and train skills that allow us to achieve them. With this, individuals’ leadership skills are strengthened and they become better equipped to be managers in their own lives.

We know that young people have a great need to experience acceptance of who they are, and we meet them on an equal basis. They are encouraged to express their opinions and be heard. Through varied and fun exercises, we train ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and face challenges. An increased positive attitude allows us to think in terms of solutions when we are faced with difficult tasks. We train ourselves to work with others and form stronger bonds with the people around us. During the course, we focus on the positive qualities that come out through praise and encouragement.

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What You’ll Learn

This is for young people in the 8th grade. to 10 class who want to be leaders in their own lives, show what's in them, increase their courage and generally feel better in their own skin.

Study units

The program provides 2.8 international continuing education credits
(Continuing Education Unit – CEU)

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What we go over

Let's build self-confidence and learn to know ourselves Learn about effective methods to dare to take the initiative in communication and deepen relationships around us Let's practice speaking in front of a group and become better at expressing ourselves Let's see the value of being more efficient and putting in the effort Let's learn strategies to help us become more positive Let's learn how praise and encouragement can have a positive effect on ourselves and others Promote initiative and leadership skills

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Autumn and winter courses are 6 sessions over a 10-week period, once a week. 6 times for 3.5 hours. and four weeks later there is a return time, which is 1.5 hours.

The summer course lasts 4 hours. per day, 5 working days in a row with a return period of two weeks after graduation.

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What's included

Handbook, intermediate meetings and the Golden Rulebook. Graduation certificate from Dale Carnegie & Associates. Personal access to a trainer during the course.

Practical information

Note that in most cases it is possible to use a free time grant.


119,000 ISK

“The course went by very quickly and it was really fun and impressive. I would absolutely say that I am more confident in myself and better at communicating after going to Dale. This course really helps you.”

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