Dale for 10-12 year olds

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Now is the time to strengthen your self-image and build strong self-confidence into your teenage years!

In this fun course, we lay a strong foundation for good self-confidence and a positive self-image. We emphasize that the children learn to know their strengths and develop faith in their own abilities. Social interaction is an important part of the development process and we practice to become better at communicating with others. Learn how to make new friends and cultivate friendships. We practice stepping out of our comfort zone at every opportunity and build our courage so that we can face the challenges we face in life with a positive attitude.

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What You’ll Learn

This is for kids in 5th grade. to 7 a class that wants to be leaders in their own lives, show what's in them, increase their courage and generally feel better in their own skin.

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What we go over

Let's do fun exercises that increase self-confidence Let's practice daring to start a conversation with those we don't know in order to make new friends Let's play games and work on creative projects related to positive communication Let's look at the value of being more diligent in putting in the effort Let's learn strategies that help us be more positive Let's practice speaking in front of a group

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Autumn and winter courses are 6 sessions over a 10-week period, once a week. 6 times in 3 hours. and four weeks later there is a return time, which is 1.5 hours.

The summer course is for 5 days in a row, 4 hours. at the same time.

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What's included

Workbook and stationery, Golden rule book, Dale Carnegie & Associates graduation certificate. Personal access to a trainer.

Practical information

Note that in most cases it is possible to use a free time grant.


79,000 ISK

“WOW what a fun course this was! Totally different than I thought. I made good friends and now it’s much easier to talk to all kinds of people and say what I think. Suddenly the anxiety is also much less because I know I can make mistakes.”

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