3 days Dale Carnegie

Skills for success

Join the group of over 30,000 Icelanders who have graduated from us. For more than 100 years, we have enhanced leadership, improved relationships and communication, enhanced expression and reduced stress.

By increasing your confidence and interpersonal skills, you’ll have the influence you need to reach new heights in play and work. You become more persuasive in communication and have an easier time dealing with change, managing stress and influencing others. The Dale Carnegie course helps you become a master of interpersonal communication. It will allow you to thrive in any environment and you will discover how to form closer and more rewarding relationships.

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What You’ll Learn

Anyone who wants to get better at work, increase their quality of life and expand their future possibilities. It is common for larger and smaller groups from companies to attend this training.

Study units

The program provides 2.8 international continuing education credits (Continuing Education Unit – CEU)

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What we go over

How we impact careers Ways to increase self-confidence How we live life with more intention Ways to strengthen relationships How we work with different people and generations Techniques to increase positivity and have a motivating effect on others Ways to improve expression

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The course is three days in a row from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is therefore particularly suitable for those who live outside the country or work shift work.

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What's included

Handbook, sessions, The Golden Rule Book, the books Popularity and Influence and Enjoy Life by Dale Carnegie. Graduation certificate from Dale Carnegie & Associates. Personal access to a trainer during the course.

Practical information

Please note that this is the total price of courses, before union subsidies and employer contributions. Check the situation with your union.


185,000 ISK

Hafliði Ragnarsson

Hafliði Ragnarsson

The Dale Carnegie course helped me regain my enthusiasm and energy. After a debilitating illness, I was able to get things done again. Communication with the people around me is more comfortable, as it is easier to express my opinions and get others to work with me. A great course that I recommend to everyone. We can all improve.

“The results are visible. Clear signs of increased cohesion, better communication and understanding for each other can be seen among us and the group is immediately stronger as a whole.”

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