Terms and conditions

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take responsibility for our courses. If you have attended all the classes and participated in the project work but are for some reason dissatisfied with your results on the course, contact us and we will move you to a course that suits you better. If you miss time on a course, you can take it up free of charge on the next course.


When you register for a course with Dale Carnegie, you are obligated to pay the course fee. Payment must be made no later than three weeks before the course starts. A participation fee must be paid upon registration if the course starts within three weeks. An invoice is sent to your home bank unless another payment method is requested.

Changes to registration

If, for reasons beyond your control, you cannot attend the course you registered for, you are invited to register for another course at no additional cost. Information about changes must be sent to us at the email address upplysingar@dalecarnegie.is within 2 weeks before the course starts. One day per payment is based on the initial registration. If the cost of changing the account is caused by moving, the participant bears it.

Course cancelled

If a participant stops attending a course after paying, Dale Carnegie will create a credit of the same amount that they can use over the next two years. These terms apply to those 18 years of age and older.

Dale Carnegie Training reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses. If this is done and the participant cannot attend on a new date, we will refund the course. VAT is not paid on training.

Note- The courses are completely confidential. If a participant is under the age of 18, we work according to 16. Article of the Child Protection Act.