Privacy policy

In general

You can browse and enjoy Dale Carnegie's website without revealing any personal information, including your email address or IP address. You can register on the website and request additional data and information from Dale Carnegie, about courses or training that may be suitable for you. Dale Carnegie will process such personally identifiable data about individuals and store it in its information systems. Dale Carnegie places great emphasis on securing, confidentiality, reliability and the safe and responsible handling of information. That's why we have installed a variety of defenses on our website. The website contains links to various other websites that parties e.g. Operated by Dale Carnegie International or unaffiliated third parties. Please note that we are not responsible for data privacy or the content of other websites. This privacy policy therefore only applies to our website.

What data

This is information about customers who have registered on Dale Carnegie's information pages and attended courses or participated in workshops and presentation sessions organized by Dale Carnegie.


The company stores and processes only the data that is necessary and is permitted to work with according to the law, agreements with parties or the informed consent of individuals and others involved in the projects.

What use

Data and information that Dale Carnegie stores in its information systems are only used so that the party can perform its role in the best possible way and service and support its customers as far as possible. Dale Carnegie will never distribute personal information to third parties without authorization.


All data and processes are protected so that only those authorized to work with the data, see them and/or change them, can perform such actions, others cannot view the data.


All data at Dale Carnegie is backed up to ensure that it is always available, however older data is deleted in accordance with Dale Carnegie's data policy.


Dale Carnegie always strives to ensure the accuracy of its data. If it turns out that information is entered incorrectly, it is updated.

The right of individuals to information about processing and access to their own personal data

Dale Carnegie provides all persons who are registered with the company and upon request, access to information about the personal data that the party stores and/or works with about the person. A personal protection officer has been appointed who, among other things, receives requests from individuals and processes them so that it is possible to respond to individuals within an acceptable deadline.

Information Security Policy

Dale Carnegie uses information technology and information systems to preserve data and share it in the most efficient way. Dale Carnegie's information systems contain sensitive and in some cases personally identifiable information that may not be used for purposes other than Dale Carnegie's operations. The credibility and interests of the parties involved in the matters to which the information relates could be harmed if the information is inaccurate, falls into the wrong hands or is not accessible when it is needed. The consequences of not maintaining the highest level of security could primarily mean that personally identifiable data about students or customers of Dale Carnegie could fall into the hands of unauthorized parties Dale Carnegie emphasizes the importance of handling information and information systems, i.e. information security as a whole, in all its activities, therefore Dale Carnegie has set a policy and defined formal procedures for the work of employees and service providers with Dale Carnegie's data and systems. The security policy covers handling and storage of all data held by Dale Carnegie as well as partners and service providers, whether in electronic, printed or spoken form. Thus, Dale Carnegie is dedicated to protecting information against internal and external threats, whether intentional or unintentional. The goal of implementing and implementing Dale Carnegie's security system is to ensure, in the event of damage, continued operations and minimize damage by preventing or minimizing the impact of incidents that may disrupt operations and services. Management ensures that Dale Carnegie's security policy is regularly and formally reviewed by an independent party. During that review, the risk that can be posed to the information systems that are in use and contain personal information, as well as to other systems that are connected to them, is reassessed. Following such reassessment and review, the security policy is updated and formally approved, and the policy and possible changes to it are presented to staff and partners. Therefore, Dale Carnegie's security policy is structured around the confidentiality and integrity and availability of data.


Dale Carnegie will implement its security systems in such a way that there is as little chance of outside parties gaining access to information without authorization, i.e. ensure in the best possible way that only those parties who are authorized to do so have access to information.

Accuracy of data:

Dale Carnegie wants to ensure that information recorded with him at all times is correct and accurately recorded. That inaccurate, misleading, incorrect or outdated information is corrected, deleted or supplemented when such information is discovered and regular monitoring is maintained for that purpose.

Data availability:

Dale Carnegie wants to ensure that information recorded in information systems is accessible to those authorized to use the systems when they are needed. Furthermore, systems and data that may be destroyed can be recovered with the help of an emergency plan and copies stored in a safe place. In order to fulfill the confidentiality, correctness and availability of data, Dale Carnegie ensures that user access rights are managed in a formal and traceable manner, e.g. to avoid fraud.

Law and order

This security policy takes into account the laws and regulations on personal protection and handling of personal information (see law no. 90/2018) and the security standard ÍST 27001:2013. Employees who have access to information, as well as Dale Carnegie's partners involved in the operation of Dale Carnegie's information systems, must have access to and be familiar with this security policy, processes, rules and manual for data security related to their work. Regarding treatment and response to violations of these rules, reference is made to the law as well as to labor and collective agreements. Under the security policy, the board and CEO Dale Carnegie write. Thus confirmed 13. July 2018